Orléans, France, 1972







Berlin, Germany, 2010


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Social engagement is important!

I support blood and organ donation

and occasionally other

humanitarian organisation








Learn languages, go to museums and cultural events, read books,

create things, dance salsa, train yoga & krav maga, play table-football,

go jogging, climbing, kayaking and to the sauna.








Things I still want to learn


Learn to fly a plane








Intellectual interests


International relationships, peace research, fight against poverty,
fight for education and health, modern art and culture








Places I like to be


Berlin, Germany.

Helsinki, Finland.








Preferred books


"1984", George Orwell

"Huis clos" (No Exit), Jean-Paul Sartre

"Le petit Prince" (The Small Prince), Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

"Les Misérables", Victor Hugo

"Les Justes" (The Just Assassins), Albert Camus

"La Condition Humaine" (Man’s Fate), André Malraux

"L'insoutenable légèreté de l'Être" (The Unbearable Lightness of Being), Milan Kundera

"L’or" (Gold), Blaise Cendrars

"Michel Strogoff" (Michel Strogoff, the Courier of the Czar), Jules Verne

"Scoops", Christophe de Ponfilly

"Schachnovelle" (The Royal Game), Stefan Zweig








Preferred games


Tetris, chess, mahjongg, sudoku


















Preferred movies


"Apocalypse Now", Francis F. Coppola

"Homo Faber", Peter Schlöndorff

"Le nom de la rose" (The Name of the Rose), Jean-Jacques Annaud

"Platoon", Oliver Stone








Preferred newspapers


"brand eins" (German)

"Der Spiegel" (German)

"Neon" (German)

"PM-Fragen und Antworten" (German)

"View" (German)








Preferred radio broadcasts & podcasts


"Cinco continentes" on Spanish RNE 5

"Der Tag" on German HR 2

"Domian" on German EinsLive

"Hintergrund" on German DLF

"Maailmanpolitiikan arkipäivää" on Finnish YLE

"P3 Dokumentär" on Swedish Sveriges Radio

"Puheen aamu" on Finnish YLE Puhe

"Rendez-vous avec X" on French France Inter








Preferred TV broadcasts


"Auslandsjournal" on German ZDF

"Capital" on French M6

"Die Story" on German WDR

"Galileo" on German PRO 7

"Le dessous des cartes" on ARTE

"Zimmer Frei" on German WDR

"Zoom" on German ZDF

"Zapp" on German NDR








 Political engagement


The social engagement of every citizen is important in Society. I found my values best represented with the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), so I'm an active member, though I do support the views of the German Green Party (Die Grünen) too for their concern about ecology and sustainable development. 







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