Salsa is not just fun, itís a nice and social activity enabling to compensate the lonely hours spend in front of a computer. I began dancing occasionally and fairly badly American style (i.e. Cross Body Lead) salsa 2005 at Mi Salsa in Berlin but I began training for real as I moved to Helsinki and learn to dance Cuban Style salsa at Baila Baila dancing school, where I found very gentle and extremely talented people. I learned most of my skills from Carlos Correa, which is a great teacher and dancer as well as a nice guy: just go to one of his lessons if you are in Finland, you certainly wonít regret it.Here some picts of me on the dancefloor >> PDF.


I use to be a DJ for Latin music from time to time too >> PDF. For those of you who wonder what is good salsa-music, I suggest here some Latino Hits, which should make beginners of Cuban and American style happy >> PDF. Visit the webpage Fuerza-Latina.com to learn more about me as DJ Papi Laurentti.


Some times ago I started to learn Tango Argentino as well.








































































Krav Maga, which means ďContact CombatĒ in Hebrew, is a hand-to-hand combat system developed by Imi Lichtenfeld first as a mean to protect Jewish communities in Europe during the 40s and then improved to become the standard fighting system of the Israeli Defence Forces. This defence system assumes potential lethality and that no quarter will be given. Thus it emphasizes on threat neutralization with maximum efficiency in real life conditions (although reactions have to be proportional to threat). For those reasons Krav Maga is one of the most efficient self-defence systems available.


I began training in 2008 to master a new physical and mental challenge and to find a balance with the salsa dancing. Training is really tough but if one wants to grow stronger, I guess one should always remember that: ainít no pain, ainít no fun.









































































... helps building up discipline in order to attain a goal.




... helps controlling the body and the mind.




... helps enhancing perception and cognition of ourselves and others.




































































Traveller's wisdom












Travel light for less hassle.




Have a kip anytime you can, since you never know, when the next time might be.




Drink and feed your face anytime you can, because you never know, when the next opportunity might arise.




Always have a good paperback with you, not to be bored shitless in the event you are stranded somewhere.




Be friendly with people you encounter, they certainly know better than you and might help in tight situations.





























Useful readings
















BBC - Editorial Guidelines - 2012     >> PDF




German Press Council - Press Code - 1986     >> PDF




ICRC - Staying Alive - 2006     >> PDF




IFJ - Survival Guide for Journalists - 2003     >> PDF




RSF / UNESCO - Handbook for Journalists - 2011     >> PDF




US Army - FM 4-25.11 (FM 21-11) First Aid - 2002     >> PDF




US Army - FM 3-05.70 (FM 21-76) Survival Handbook - 2002    >> PDF




























































Basically itís possible to save an amazing amount of money buying 2sd hand and cheap gear.

But the following 4 essentials should really be purchased carefully.













Shoes : Itís wise to simply get the best money can buy














Backpack : Don't ruin your back, otherwise youíll ruin your journey

















Sleeping bag : A good rest, itís the only way the body reloads
















Waterproof jacket : If you can stay warm and dry, you'll stay happy

















































Following items are also very helpful.




















Multi-tool : This piece of kit might get you out of trouble











Headlamp : Makes life in the dark a lot easier

















Lighter : Fire is light and warmth











Water : Must have, you simply need water!

















Running-spoon : To eat cheap from the supermarket
















Small compass : Must have, just in case, even if you have a GPS
















Short Wave radio : Still the best to stay in touch with the outer world















Emergency kit : Don't neglect you, hygiene and body care are capital




















































Almost everything else one might need can be found on the spot

or you donít really need it.



























































































Bon voyage...
































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